Fenix – the innovative, carbon-neutral option.

Our clients were drawn to Fenix and ply due to their concerns for the environment, so approached us to see if this was something we could make for them. Having the kitchen design signed off we worked on making their doors and drawer fronts.

Marketed as ‘the smart material of interior design’, this innovative, carbon-neutral surface is heat resistant, water-repellent, hygienic, and anti-fingerprint. The material has a matt surface, is durable, and is soft to the touch. Fenix is Carbon neutral, through carbon offsetting and 100% of the electrical energy used comes from renewable resources.

The Fenix was bonded onto Birch plywood and each door and drawer cut from sheets of the material.

Using our CNC machinery each individual door and drawer front then had handles cut into them. We then carefully hand-finished each twice, firstly by sanding the edges and handles and then by applying oil. This was all finished in our workshop.

Our clients chose a Dekton worktop to compliment these bespoke kitchen doors. Dekton is a tile worktop and therefore clay, which also has some good environmental properties.

Ply drawers were fitted to MFC carcasses which is FSC certificated, we then fitted the doors and drawer fronts.

Fenix is available in a range of colours for an uber-sleek finish.

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