Latest research from housebuilder Barrett Homes has revealed the hottest gadget trends for your kitchen this summer. At Panelven Kitchens we love incorporating your favourite gadgets into our design process to make your kitchen work perfectly just for you! So did your kitchen essential make the list

Gadget One: A luxury coffee maker

coffee maker

One fifth of the homes surveyed couldn’t live without their morning cup of hot coffee. At Panelven Kitchens we can supply a wide range of the top selling coffee makers on the market at fantastic prices.

Gadget Two: Slow Cooker

slow cooker

In todays modern busy world its no surprise that the second highest ranked gadget is one that allows us to create beautiful hearty meals and still frees us up to press on with other aspects of our lives. This long standing faithful kitchen accomplish has been making our lives easier for decades and remains a firm favourite. Today many of the ovens and ranges that Panelven Kitchens can supply come equipped with a fantastic slow cooker functions, saving counter space and making room for other favourite kitchen accessories.

Gadgets Three and Four: Food Mixer and Bread Makerfood mixer

Call it the Bake Off effect but high on the list of most coveted gadgets are food mixers and bread makers, particularly from stylish retro brands such as SMEG or KitchenAid. As consumers we love the idea of embracing home baking, a trend that Panelven Kitchens heartily endorses!

Gadget Five: Smoothie Maker/ Juicer

juicerThese kind of gadgets reflect the health conscious social trend which is sweeping the UK right now. Green Juice anyone? Smoothies and Juices are great for grabbing a health kick on the go, fitting in with our busy modern lifestyle.

Gadget Six: Wine Coolerwine cooler

Almost half of those surveyed agreed with the statement that they are more likely to entertain at home in their kitchen than they were five years ago. Kitchens are increasingly being seen as a social  and entertaining space. The introduction of a wine cooler to the list of must have kitchen gadgets reflects this wish to create a space that is functional and entertaining.

Panelven Kitchens is always interested in the latest trends that research such as this reveals, we know that how a kitchen works for a family, couple or individual is crucial to your future happiness in your home. What this research tells us is that customers are welcoming gadgets that help them get creative in the kitchen, entertain and above all save them time in todays busy world. This helps us at Panelven Kitchens design spaces for modern living.